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The Ubercart Dependent Attributes module allows store administrators to specify which attribute/option combinations to enable/disable on a per product basis.


Ubercart Dependent Attributes requires Ajax Attribute Calculations 6.x-2.x.


Install as usual, see for further information.


Configure enabled/disabled attribute option combinations via the "Enabled" checkbox added to the product adjustments screen: /node/$nid/edit/adjustments


To enable/disable specific attribute/option combinations for a particular product:

  1. Visit the product's edit page
  2. Select the Adjustments tab
  3. Ensure the Enabled checkbox is Checked for attribute/option combinations Available for this product.
    Ensure the Enabled checkbox is Unchecked for attribute/option combinations Unavailable for this product.

Only attribute/option combinations that are Enabled for a product will be available on the products page.


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