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This module make:

cart_pane        =                                        a plugin of Ctools,
checkout_pane              =                           a plugin of Ctools,
payment_method        =                             a plugin of Ctools,
shipping_method                =                     a plugin of Ctools,
oder_pane                   =                             a plugin of Ctools,
payment_gateway         =                           a plugin of Ctools,
line_item                       =                           a plugin of Ctools,

This module leveraging Ctools plugins system to help other developers build Ubercart component such as payment_method, shipping_method, order pane.

Another feature provided by this module since alpha2:
We could put the ubercart integration code into "", like "" and "".

Compare with hooks, Ctools plugin system have several benifits, such as:
1, lazy load
2, easy to learn
Ctools plugin system become more and more popular in Drupal 7, and the plugin system will be in Core in Drupal8.


Howard Ge

The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development.


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