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This module is an addon for uc_price_per_role module, you could define a multiplier for each role price base on list price, for example:
List price is 100.
multiplier for silver member is 0.8; then the silver member price is 80.
multiplier for gold member is 0.7; then the gold member price is 70.

After you click the button of uc_batch_price, it will process all products and set role price for them.
If you add a product, you could only set list price and leave role price empty, this module could help you set role price on the fly.
This module is written in Chinese. it is very easy to change it into english if you want to use it.

这个模块是 uc_price_per_role 模块的补充,它能够帮助我么批量的设置角色的价格。我们预先定义好每种角色的折扣以后,只需要点一下鼠标,它就会帮我们设置好所有产品的所有角色价格。


Howard Ge

The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development.


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