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UberPOS is a point-of-sales system built on top of the Drupal and Ubercart. It provides an AJAX interface for cashiers to easily add products to a customer's order, as well as remove them, accept payment, cancel entire orders and print receipts.

The current install and included addon modules allow UberPOS to be used with touch screens, mice, and programmable keyboards, barcode scanners, receipt and other printers, and credit card readers. New October 2010: Support for multiple locations has been added. Many thanks to ICA Projects for their sponsorship of this functionality.

Check out the demo to see what's in the latest release. Take a look at the issue queue to see where development is headed.

Shops running UberPOS

If your shop runs UberPOS, send us a message or start an issue, and we'll add you to this page.


  • Install Drupal 6
  • Install Ubercart 2.0
  • Download UberPOS and extract it into your /sites/all/modules/ directory.
  • Download ScrollTo 1.4 (1.4.2 doesn't work with a default Drupal install). Copy the ScrollTo javascript file to /sites/all/modules/uberpos/jquery.scrollTo.js.
  • Enable UberPOS. A couple useful locations are the simplified login screen at '/pos-login' and the interface at 'admin/store/pos'

Please Note: Chrome may or may not have an issue with the receipt printing code (#687656: Chrome Support).

Additional Functionality

You can get some increased functionality with the following Drupal modules:

  • Views - UberPOS provides a custom field which you can use to create your own buttons, as well as a product search interface (make sure to use AJAX in your views and then add them as blocks to only show on the POS page). See: #602296: Selecting products
  • Barcode - UberPOS can be set up to show barcodes on receipts. When scanned, the receipt's order will be loaded.
  • CTools/Panels - UberPOS exports its button and interface to ctools in a way that will allow you to create custom interfaces with panels.

Or, roll your own additional functionality. Developer documentation is now available. Thanks to Matthijs de Jonge for putting this together.


We'd like to thank the following sponsors for helping to fund UberPOS:

  • LC Advanced has sponsored initial and ongoing UberPOS development.
  • Totally Techy sponsored the SP module.
  • Plug sponsored the Views field and the subtotal commands.
  • ICA Projects (Anton van Zoeren, Reinier Vlemmings, and Peter Cornelissen) sponsored the multiple locations features.

If you'd like to sponsor development, please contact us or ChipIn!

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