The module allows site visitors to send reports about detected typos. Visitors should select text with a typo, press Ctrl+Enter and the site administrator will be notified about the typo.
Old messages will be automatically deleted after 3 days (this option can be set in the module administration page).

Integration with Drupal contrib modules


The Typo module has an event “After saving new typo report” and 3 tokens: [typo:url], [typo:text] and [typo:comment]. Using this integration the site administrator, for example, can send e-mail message or add a record to syslog when new typo report is added.

Views and Views bulk operations

The Typo module has a view (switched off by default) which contains all received typo messages. Also module integrates with Views bulk operations and the site administrator can delete unnecessary reports.


Popup window uses Ctools module. You can change this window appearance by changing CSS or template file typo-report-form.tpl.php (obviously, before making changes in this file, you should copy it to your theme directory).

Project information