This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Typekit is a technology platform that hosts both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences in how browsers handle type, and offers the level of protection that type designers need without resorting to annoying and ineffective DRM.

This simple module makes it easy to include the Typekit library on your site. You will have to have an account at Typekit.

This module is being deprecated and will not get any new features. You should consider using the Font Your Face module as it supports Typekit and is much more robust and flexible.


  • Easy enable and disable.
  • Page visibility options (like blocks).


  • Regular module installation process.
  • Go to admin/settings/typekit to put in your "key" and choose visibility settings. Your "key" is the unique string that is included with the typekit JS:

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