This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Simple Twitter Login allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Twitter account.

Twitter OAuth PHP library helps web developer to integrate twitter login system by the quick, easy and powerful way. Once logged via Twitter Application, we’ll store the user information into the user table.

The Twitter OAuth PHP library will be used in our script that supports OAuth for Twitter’s REST API.

Twitter Apps Creation

To access Twitter API you need to create a Twitter App and get the Consumer key & Consumer secret. If you haven’t already created a Twitter App, follow the below steps to creating and configuring a Twitter App from the Application Management page.

  1. At first go to the Application Management page and login with your Twitter account.
  2. Create New App with the following details.
    • Name: Your application Name. This is shown to the user while authorizing.
    • Description: Your application Description. This is shown to user while authorizing.
    • Website: Your application website.
    • Callback URL(*): After authorization, this URL is called with oauth_token.
  3. Change the apps permission to Read and Write or Read, Write and Access direct messages. For changing the apps permission, you need to add a mobile number to your twitter account.

Once Twitter App creation is completed, click on Test OAuth for testing OAuth. After testing you would be redirected to the OAuth Settings page. From the OAuth Settings page, you’ll get the Consumer key and Consumer secret. Note this Consumer key and Consumer secret for later use in the script.

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