The Twilio module provides integration with the Twilio cloud communication platform allowing for your Drupal site to integration Voice and SMS functionality.

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The module currently provides the following functionality:

  • Ability to store and access TwiML
  • Rules event to act on incoming SMS message
  • Rules action to send an SMS message
  • Rules event to execute TwiML scripts
  • Hook for incoming SMS messages
  • Hook for incoming voice calls
  • User object phone number storage and validation
  • Uses libraries api to manage the Twilio php library
  • Support for international texting
  • Support for MMS



  1. Install the Twilio module as per usual (
  2. Download the 4.x Twilio php library from ( and extract the file into your sites/all/libraries folder.
  3. Rename the extracted folder from 'twilio-php-latest' to 'twilio'.
  4. Visit 'admin/config/system/twilio' and enter your Twilio account SID, Auth Token, and Phone number found on the Twilio dashboard

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