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TweetRSS Module

This module takes an RSS feed and filters and formats it and posts it to It is dependent on the Twitter module for all twitter-specific operations. It is also dependent on the core Aggregator module for RSS feeds. Future enhancements may support Feeds module for more flexibility.

The filtering and formatting operation uses a hook to allow extendability.

The TweetRSS module features a built-in filter that uses regular expressions for filtering and formatting using the PHP function preg_replace(). Also included is a sample extension filter module, tweetrss_canweather, to demonstrate how TweetRSS can be extended with new filters. The tweetrss_canweather module has a version of the logic used for the website

Please note that documentation is largely non-existent at the moment. If you have any questions, just post in the issue queue--that will help build up some content for a documentation page. I'm assuming that users will be familiar with a) regular expressions; and b) Twitter module setup with Oauth, but I'm open to adding some documentation on those topics as well.


This module relies on the cron process to run properly. Each time cron runs, the Aggregator module updates your feeds and TweetRSS will post anything that matches to Twitter. For information on setting up cron, please see:

Required Modules

Aggregator (core module) - must be enabled and set up to fetch feeds.
Twitter - version 3.0-beta2 is known to work.


Oauth - version 6.x-2.02 has been tested. Note that recently started requiring Oauth for applications.

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