Tweetbacks is a module allowing you to show Twitter posts which refer to pages on your Drupal website in a block on those pages. It also provides a second block showing the pages with the most referring tweets.

What are Tweetbacks?
Tweetbacks are Twitter messages that refer to pages on your website. Whenever a Twitter user posts a message with a URL, it is a tweetback for that particular URL.
Why would I want to use this module?
Do you like to see when people are talking about and sharing your site's content? Tweetbacks allows you to see when people are talking about your site on Twitter. By displaying a list of tweets (Twitter posts) that reference the pages on your site, you and your readers can get an idea of how popular or important the content is, on your site.
Who developed Tweetbacks?
The original Tweetbacks service was developed by Dan Zarrella. Chris Charabaruk wrote the Drupal module for Tweetbacks, making use of Dan's service to provide not just Tweetbacks for each page but also a list of the most popular pages based on Tweetbacks.

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