This module provides links to post pages to Twitter in a new window or tab. The tweet will be in focus and will contain customizable text that can hold the relevant URL, title and anything else you need it to (like hashtags). The URL can be automatically abbreviated at the administrator's choice of service by integration with the Shorten URLs module by the same author.

(When Twitter is opened, if the user is not already logged in, Twitter will prompt them to log in, and after logging in will redirect users to the tweet form as described above.)


URLs work for any page or node, including teasers, and appear in the Links section on nodes and teasers by default. Administrators can choose whether to show the link as an icon, as an icon and text, as just text, or not at all, as well as on which content types it should appear. If icons are chosen, administrators can use the default icon or use their own (download free examples here, here or here).

Other notes

The module is extensible to support sites other than Twitter, and includes Identica support by default in the Drupal 7 branch.

An API is provided in case developers want to display the Tweet links arbitrarily.

The Shorten URLs module is required if you want shortened URLs used in Tweets, although it is not a dependency.

Check out this video to learn the very easy steps to set up Tweet with Shorten URLs.

Project Information