This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


TUI provides a simple tree interface to allow quick and easy editing of a vocabulary and its terms.

The module provides the following functions:

  1. Rearrange terms using drag-n-drop
  2. Term editing form uses EXACTLY the same form as the term edit page.
  3. Movement of terms can be "undone".
  4. Terms within the tree can be searched for (autocomplete search box), making it quick and easy to find terms to edit.
  5. Automatic scrolling and resizing of the tree, as well as allowing the user to change the width of the tree to give it or the term form more room.

The key point that needs emphasising is point 2 above. This means, that if a site is using a module that extends taxonomy by adding additional fields to the term form, then this module will support those additional fields. A good example of this is shown in the screenshot, which displays a site using this module and the "Term Node" module to provide a number of additional fields (being displayed in separate tabs).

Note, when trying the demo below, please use the username "test" and password "pass".

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