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TTR Configurable Widget is a flexible, configurable widget which adds additional widgets to the taxonomy term reference field type. By default users can choose between 'Autocomplete', 'Select List' and 'Checkboxes' as the available widgets, whereas with TTR Configurable Widget users are now able to choose additional, more advanced options, and can easily extend the module by adding their own options.

The module provides additional back-end options which allow users to filter and order taxonomy term options within a field and gives the admin control over how taxonomy term fields are listed in a form. Developers can then extend the widget by creating their own front-end variations as sub-modules which utilise this functionality. The module has been purposely designed to make it very easy for other developers to do this.

(TTR stands for: Taxonomy Term Reference)


Apply user friendly displays to taxonomy term options on node forms.
Set how many term options to display in each field instance from a taxonomy list.
Easily extendible to add new display options.
Order the terms based on a number of options:

  • Alphabetically: Ascending or descending.
  • By term id: Orders items by their term ids.
  • Randomised daily: This option allows field options to be randomised each day, while maintaining the same options and order per field per day.
  • Random: Randomises field options on every page load.

Getting Started

The module comes pre-packaged with a single sub-module 'Word Wall'. Enabling the module adds the Word Wall widget as an available option straight out of the box. Alternatively the module can be used as an example of how other developers can add their own widget variations.

Similar modules

Modules that act as taxonomy term widgets:

  • Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget: This module provides an expandable tree widget. TTR Configurable widget is different with its multiple choice of layout styles that also include flat lists. We also encourage developers to come up with their own displays.
  • Taxonomy Term Reference Sortable Widget: This is a sortable widget that allows you to sort taxonomy terms as you submit a node form. TTR Configurable widget allows you to sort items that are displayed to users on node forms based on choice of sorting options.


Current maintainer: Saemie Chouchane

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