This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Taxonomy simple access provides a simple way to grant access to a term or its children (other terms, nodes) by roles.

Why yet another access control module?

Taxonomy Access Control and Taxonomy Access Control Lite are great modules which are doing their job very well.
But sometimes you simpy want to restrict access to a single term and its children only without the need for complex settings and fine-grained permissions.

Taxonomy simple access does just that. You are able to allow users of a single role to access one single term (and nodes in it). Not more.

If you need more complex access control or would like to restrict access to many terms, consider using Taxonomy Access Control or Taxonomy Access Control Lite.


  • Restrict access to a term, its child terms and all nodes within this term by roles.
  • (7.x only) Choose specific vocabularies to show the access control fields on term forms
  • (7.x only) Also excludes restricted terms, child terms, and nodes from Views and other listings

Development on Taxonomy simple access is sponsored by undpaul.

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