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The trees module is based on the book module. Like the book module the trees module allows users to structure nodes in a hierarchy or outline. The main difference is that the trees module supports adding one node to multiple trees which the the book module does not. The output is also different. The book module provides a navigation, the tree module does not. Instead it produces for each tree a set of blocks, being the parents of a node, the siblings and the children.


As from version 6.X-1.1 views integration is present.

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- You have products and product categories as content types
- You want to create an outline using the product categories, the leaves of your trees are products
- You have different trees, representing different categories of products.
- One product could appear on more than one tree (which means a product in more than one category). With the tree module this is possible so only one product node needs to be maintained.


- Enable module on admin/build/modules
- Goto admin/content/trees/settings
- Select the content types allowed in your trees
- Select the default child node
- Select the number of elements in your children - siblings block
- Goto node/add/content_type you can now create a new tree with the current node as root
- Add more nodes to your tree and create the hierarchy or create a new tree. All created tree outline will become available to add your nodes to.
- Enable the block for your trees on admin/build/block, they will only appear on the nodes they contain.

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