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The goal of this package is to allow translators to log in and translate only the content that is necessary for production of the website in a way that is manageable and easy to understand for translators.

Unlike many other Drupal translation modules we attempt to do it all under a handy tabbed interface and we filter things down to just the required elements while still showing a lot of clear, useful, information to the translator so they can act in accordance with your site policies with minimal training.

Scope of this Module

How do we handle all of Drupal's diverse ways of rendering translatable content?

Here are some of the ways:

  • Content - lists selected content and shows change log for updated content
  • Menus - get listings of only the items that are not yet translated
  • Blocks - shows the language neutral blocks that require string translation
  • Views - actually LISTS all the views strings you have in production!
  • Taxonomy [future]

The module will allow translators with appropriate i18n_access permission to a language to make updates to translatable nodes and content.

Other Features

  • Translator redirect - configurable option to redirect translators to the translation page at login time
  • Hide existing Drupal interfaces - configurable option to disable the "normal" translation pages so your users don't get lost or confused about which to use
  • Granular control over permissions using Drupal's roles combined with i18n_access per-language control


  • Enable all of the required modules
  • Add permission for the translation_interface module
  • Add permission for i18n_access to your translator role
  • Recommended: go to the settings page and disable the default translation interface (we use the same search tab, so you can still do what you need)

If you do not enable i18n_access for a role you will get a bunch of errors - this does not affect the root user if you just want to try things out!

Drupal 7

This module was developed for Drupal 6 because that is what our sites were running when the module was planned. We developed the module to be 100% inline with Drupal standards and intend to port the code to Drupal 7 and 8. If you wish to see this project come to D7 sooner please contact us.

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This module compliments two of our other projects: translation_wysiwyg and translation_enabler. The former splits the node body content into translatable strings for precise translation updates. The latter simply offers a cosmetic switch to turn a language on or off to the anonymous visitor.

Development of this module was sponsored by WebCDR with contributions from Ryan Weal and Michele Ann Jenkins.

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