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Here is a scenario:

You run a Drupal 6 multilingual site (lets say English & Spanish). You set up the Story content type as a translatable content type and enable the language switcher block on the header.
Now lets say you write your first story in English about your life in the country and You immediately translate it to Spanish - so that all your friends in Barcelona will be able to read it.
After that you get exited and you write another story in English - this time a story about your life as a spy in the cold war days. you want to translate this story as well, but your mother calls you to eat dinner and you totally forget about the translation.

After a day or so a guy named Sergio for Argentina bumps into your site and starts reading the articles you wrote - after a while of reading the story about your life in the country in English he discovers the language switcher Spanish link so he clicks on it and sees the story in his native language.

But what would happen if he was reading your second and untranslated story and wanted to switch it to Spanish?!

Well the answer is that he'll get the English version again :(

wouldn't it be nice if he was redirected instated to a page that tells him that the translation of the page is not found and to give some optional actions to go from there (like going back to the English version or going to the Spanish homepage or even the possibility to translate the content himself)???

ta dam ...

What Is This?

translation404 Is a Drupal 6 module. That addresses a usability problem when clicking on the core locale language switcher block for a content in a specific language that haven't been translated yet.

By default if a user clicks to choose a different language it will show the same content in the former language. I believe that if a content is set to a specific language (not language neutral is shouldn't show the page but instead it should show a 404 page telling that this page is not translatable).


* Flexible Administration settings.
* API for added functionality and theme customization.
* Core node built in Integration.
* Taxonomy translation Integration (if i18n module is installed and the i18n taxonomy module is enabled).
* Bi directional language integration.
* Hebrew Interface Translation.

Project Status

This Project is in final development stages before releasing the first BETA.
this project was already implemented for a specific project I'm making for Linnovate and hopefully will be out soon.

Project information