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The service has stopped since 2017. This Drupal module needs that service to work. Since the service stopped, the Drupal module does not longer work.


Translate your website into 52 languages

The TranslateThis Button is a lightweight Javascript translation widget that translates any page quickly using Ajax and the Google Language API. This module is a Drupal integration of the TranslateThis Button code.

What does it do?

This module adds a small button to your site to select a language. Once a user translates a page on your site, any of the other pages they visit on your site will be automatically translated. This allows the script to translate your entire site, and won't effect other visitors. At any time the user can stop the automatic translation either by clicking the "cancel" link during the translation or the "undo" link after the translation completes.

Additionally if the page is translated back into the original language, the automatic translation will stop. If you would prefer not to use the automatic translation functionality at all, you can disable it.

Usage this cool translation module is simple: just download and enable the module, and place the block in the preferred region.

Answers to questions like How do I prevent translation on certain sections of my web page? and How is the TranslateThis Button different from Google Translate? are found on the TranslateThis website.

Technical info

The TranslateThis Button has a number of technical advantages for developers.

First the javascript is very lightweight, weighing in at just over 5 Kb (under 12kb including all the imagery). And since it doesn't depend on a JavaScript library like jQuery, TranslateThis loads quickly and can be easily plugged into any site. The script has undergone cross-browser testing, and works in IE 6-8, Firefox 2-3.6, Safari 3-5, Chrome, and Opera 9-10.5. Furthermore it is designed to degrade gracefully into earlier versions of these browsers.

Additionally, attention has been paid to Javascript optimization at every point. The codebase is optimized, object oriented and compressed. Google Language API requests run asynchronously and have been consolidated as much as is efficient. Finally, HTTP requests have been limited as much as possible for the widget assets (eg: the flag imagery is in an image sprite).

Development of this module is sponsored by LimoenGroen, Amsterdam-based Drupal specialists.

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