This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module hopes to serve as the base for any application that wants to make use of the Trade Me API. It hopes to make the process of querying Trade Me's API easier and to help off load things like caching behind the scenes.


  • Provides wrapping methods for the Drupal OAuth module (which in turn provides wrapping methods for the PHP OAuth library), which helps abstract most of the hard work of OAuth
  • Re-uses the Drupal OAuth module methods where appropriate
  • Re-uses the Drupal OAuth database schema
  • Makes use of Drupal cache_set() for caching of API queries
  • Can cache aggregate API queries
  • Configurable cache expiry
  • Configurable OAuth application keys for your Trade Me application
  • Makes it easy to query most of the Trade Me API methods
  • Has internal objects for:
    • Trade Me Item
    • Trade Me Person
    • Trade Me Attribute
    • Trade Me Bid
  • All timestamps within the above Trade Me objects are converted to UNIX timestamps for easy formatting within drupal



This module was sponsored by New Zealand Post and built by Catalyst IT Ltd.

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