Track Field Changes is a module that allows you to easily enable tracking/auditing on changes to fields, and has views integration.

The module does not use the default Drupal Versioning system. The system will save the time, the user, the value before and after each modification on a field.

The module will also give you a very basic audit when you create or update a node (timestamp, user and manual log message).

Current features:

  1. Select which content type need to be audited
  2. Select which fields need to be audited
  3. Enable to add a log entry for each update
  4. Integration with view

Supported fields:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Date ISO
  • Date Unix
  • Decimal
  • File (Limited support)
  • Email
  • Float
  • Image (Limited support)
  • Interger
  • Link
  • List (float)
  • List (integer)
  • List (text)
  • Lon Text
  • Term reference
  • Text
  • Address (new)
  • User reference
  • GeoField
  • Entity reference


1. Download and Enable the module

1. Set up the fields and content type you would like to audit:

2. Create a view showing the content type that your are tracking and add the
'Track Field Changes' fields. Types of field available are:

Field Tracker: Creation Date
This is the creation date of the revison. Displays the time and date the
field was updated.

Field Tracker: Field Name
Displays the machine name for the field with tracking enabled.

Field Tracker: Track Changes Log
The log message entered when the field was changed.

Field Tracker: Track Changes Type
Possible values are:
bn - A new node is being inserted.
br - A node is being updated with the Basic audit enabled.
One entry per updated node.
fr - A node is being updated and field tracking is enabled.
One entry per field with tracking enabled.

Field Tracker: User
The user who updated the field.

Field Tracker: Value After
The value after the update.

Field Tracker: Value Before
The value before the update.

Future Roadmap

  1. Enable track changes on every entity (user,..)


Supported and maintained by Matt Withoos through Collabforge.

Original supporters: Red Rover and Marique Calcus

Project information