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The taxonomy query language module, tql, implements a plugin for the search (Drupal core) and views module. It provides a new tab Taxonomy in the Drupal search and a new Views filter.

If you have the tql module and the search module enabled, a Taxonomy tab appears in the search where you can enter a search query. (demo)

If you have the tql module and Views enabled, a new filter Taxonomy: Query is available which can be used to enter a query. It works best if it is exposed so users can enter their own query. (demo)

Language capabilities

The query language can combine query terms with different operators: AND, OR, XOR and NOT. The operator AND can be omited as it is the default if two terms are listed without operator. The operator NOT can be abbreviated with a dash in front of the term, i.e. '-term'. Brackets can be used to form more complex queries. The following are example queries and their verbose equivalents:

term1 term2                <=> term1 and term2
term1 or -term2            <=> term1 or not term2
term1 xor -(term2 -term3)  <=> term1 xor not (term2 and not term3)

mtn: Query language parser
rötzi: Drupal integration

You need PHP 5 to use this module

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