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Toggle module demo

This module is all about toggling stuff silly.

It started as a port of iToggle to Drupal 8 but is being completely re-thought and re-built from scratch to leverage the cool new Drupal 8 APIs.


Here's what you get:

  • New Form API elements
  • Field widget for boolean and list fields (including entity/term references)
  • Field formatter for boolean and list fields

Coming soon:

  • Views field and filter handlers
  • Automatically update field values via AJAX when toggled?
  • Easily customize the look and feel of each toggle widget

Drupal Compatibility

Compatible with Drupal 8.0-dev only, at the moment, sorry! Alpha2 of this module has been tested against the dev version on (04/11/14), a few weeks after alpha10.

Browser Compatibility

Since Drupal 8 core isn't supporting Internet Explorer 8 and other legacy browsers, neither is this module. If this is something important to you, please submit a patch and I'll happily review and commit it!


Currently in early development phase. Any and all help welcome!

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsoring and developing a stable version.

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