The official Danish internet traffic statistics from the Danske Medier Research is handled by Kantar Gallup (formerly known as TNS Gallup).

This module provides an easy method for adding the tracking script to your Drupal site.

You must download the tracking script from and place it in a folder named tns_gallup_spring in the libraries folder.

You can download and place the script with drush tns-gallup-download-libraries. If you build your site with drush make and add the TNS Gallup module to your make file the script is downloaded when you run drush make.

When you have installed and enabled the module head over to admin/config/system/tns-gallup and configure the Site ID provided to you by Kantar Gallup. If you prefer you can set the Site ID directly in the variable tns_gallup_site_id (i.e. in your settings file).

The tracking script allows you to specify a ContentPath for filtering and grouping of the statistics (i.e. specifying the site hierarchy).

Since how to set the ContentPath is actually business logic I decided the module should just set it to the same as your Site ID and then provide a hook for altering it. This way you can implement your own business logic by implementing hook_tns_gallup_content_path_alter($content_path).

The module maintainer is not affiliated with Kantar Gallup or the Association of Danish Media.

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