This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

tlc.module is discontinued and will no longer be supported. Use blog reactions instead.

If you want to take over this project write me a e-mail.

The TLC module produces a count of the incoming links from blogs indexed by Technorati and links to a search results page where users can see the individual posts linking to a node.

Features on Drupal5.x version:

  • Added more control over node types and taxonomy view. Fine-grained options.
  • Added more options in node body/teaser view. Now there are 4 choices: Disabled, Teaser View, Full-page View, Teaser and Full-page View. (Thanks to the service_link module and frjo for grained control).
  • Added user control access.
  • Configurable text for Link Widget.
  • TLC-5.x: module developed by Psicomante: Psicomante's blog;
    TLC-4.7.x: module was contributed by Nick Wilson of;

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