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A simple module that adds Tipjoy buttons to content.

Contributors who wish to add a “tip this” button to their posts, or a “tip me” button to their user page, must sign up on the Tipjoy website to get a Tipjoy username.

The module is quite customizable.

As a website Administrator, you can:

- Modify the labels for Tipjoy buttons.
- Have your own “tip this” button in a block, for the website (as an entity) to collect tips.
- Exclude certain content types from being tipped.
- Choose to place the Tipjoy buttons above or below the node body.
- Grant the privilege to “get tip” to certain roles only.
- Allow contributors to toggle the display of their “tip this” buttons on a per-node basis.

As a contributor who has the privilege to get tips, you can:

- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button on your user page.
- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button in content you author.
- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button in each node you author.

Up to now, Tipjoy has been a service that allows bloggers to collect tips from happy readers. Bloggers can either add “tip this” buttons to each blog post or just put up a general “leave a tip” banner somewhere on their site. With this new module, Drupal-powered communities can now offer their contributors an incentive to post more. On its front page, keeps track of tips given and received throughout the world, showing off the most tipped content, and featuring new content worth checking out.

Development of the Tipjoy module has been sponsored by Ole Sturm at

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