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TinyMCE Node Picker

This module will de discontinued and replaced with Node Picker as soon as a stable release is available.

TinyMCE Node Picker provides a button in TinyMCE that displays a list of links to content. Choosing a link inserts it into the editor.

The module includes template files which can be edited for your theme, but should not require theming to display correctly.

It also creates two views called nodepicker_nodes and nodepicker_taxonomy which can be edited to change the results that the link picker displays.


Version 2.x

With the 2.x branch of Node picker there is no longer any dependency on TinyMCE. The module should in theory work with other editors. Because of the lacking support for custom editor plugins in Wysiwyg module the only supported editor at this time is TinyMCE. To get this module working with other editors the functions openDialog and closeDialog must be implemented in Wysiwygs modules coresponding editor library.


This module is sponsored by Bucketworks and Happiness.

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