Tinybrowser window (browse and upload panel)

What is TinyBrowser?

TinyBrowser is a custom file browser plugin developed for the TinyMCE WYSIWYG content editor. It is developed by Bryn Jones at Lunarvis , and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Feature of TinyBrowser

  • Integrates as a custom file browser within TinyMCE for image, media and 'all' file types
  • Adobe Flash based file uploader, supporting multiple file selection and upload with file type and size
  • Browse files with a list view or as thumbnails (images only)
  • List view has image thumbnail on hover
  • File display order customizable e.g. by name, type, size, date
  • Find function to filter results by search string
  • Display detailed file information such as type, size and dimensions (images only)
  • File deletion facility (permission based)
  • File edit facility (permission based) - rename, resize and rotate (last two images only)
  • File storage location user definable for each file type

Below is the new features to be added. Currently these features are available only with the dev-snapshot release.

  • Context menu in browse image pane for quick rotate/resize/crop/rename/duplicate/delete image .
  • Can insert a image converted by imagecache preset.
  • Quick upload tab let you upload a single file quickly without leaving the browse pane.
  • Remember the last settings (view type, sort type, sort order, folder, page, etc) within the same session.

What is TinyBrowser module?

TinyBrowser module is a Drupal module that integrate TinyBrowser nicely to Drupal. With this module, optional settings of TinyBrowser can be configured easily at the TinyBrowser module's settings page (No need to manually edit configuration file). TinyBrowser module also add some features that are not the part of original TinyBrowser, but necessary when it is used with CMS like Drupal, such as profile support by user roles, quota support for upload directories, multi-site, multi-user environment support, etc. In addition, we have modified the source code of TinyBrowser to address all the security issues reported on the TinyBrowser 1.41.6.

Currently, this module works with TinyMCE, FCKeditor and CKEditor. To use these editors, you also need to install and set up editor support module for Drupal (which are either one of TinyTinyMCE module, FCKeditor module, CKEditor module or Wysiwyg module).

TinyBrowser module supports the following configurations.

*NOTE* Currently, only the development snapshot release supports CKEditor.

TinyBrowser module includes the entire source files of TinyBrowser. So you do not have to download TinyBrowser from the original author's site. This is because that we had to modify the original source code of TinyBrowser in order to make it work nicely as a Drupal module. We tried to minimize the changes of the original TinyBrowser source code, but we ended up with many changes. All the source code of TinyBrowser is in the tinybrowser subdirectory and below. All the files under the TinyBrowser module directory are newly created by us. Currently we uses TinyBrowser 1.41.6.


  1. Clean URL enabled
  2. $cookie_domain
    TinyBrowser module requires the $cookie_domain variable defined in the settings.php of your site. Locate the file settings.php inside of your drupal directory (usually sites/default/settings.php) and set the $cookie_domain variable to the appropriate domain (remember to uncomment that line). If you do not do this, TinyBrowser window will not shown up.
  3. PHP safe_mode OFF
  4. No Javascript aggregation and optimization.
    TinyBrowser would work neither Javascript Aggregator module nor Optimize Javascript file setting ON at Administer > Site configuration > Performance setting page.

Usage Limitation

This is not a requirement but TinyBrowser can not be used by anonymous users. This is a security measure since it allows upload/download files and create/delete folders.


Please see the document page or enclosed README.txt file for the installation details. When you use TinyBrowser with FCKeditor module + FCKeditor, a patch to FCKeditor module is needed. Also using TinyBrowser with CKEditor also requires the patches. You can download the patch from the document page.

Demo site

Demo site is available at http://tinybrowser.pixture.com.


When you have difficulties of using TinyBrowser, please check the TinyBrowser Troubleshooting page first.

Core part of TinyBrowser is 3rd party software, so please address the bugs and problem report regarding the main functionality of TinyBrowser to the TinyBrowser Google Group (support forum)

Special Thanks to

Bryn Jones, the developer of the original TinyBrowser plugin.


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