TinyBox module uses TinyBox, a lightweight and standalone modal window script. The main purpose of this module is to provide Splash Screen/Window as simple as possible.

How to make Splash window

  1. Go to Administration page (Configuration - Content Authoring - Tinybox)
  2. Select Splash Type: NID, Content Type or Views.
  3. Enter your NID, Content Type or Views name.

Remember if you select Content Type then TinyBox only get Published node. Since TinyBox supports Views then sky is the limit.

TinyBox supports node contains any html, including: text, color, image, table, etc. Just put them inside node body. You can also display Splash screen based on Browser type/name.

Documentation and How to

Read TinyBox Documentation.


You need to download TinyBox library then upload to "sites/all/libraries/tinybox".

Similiar module

  • Splash: requires additional modules. Complicated, but has many advantages while combined with Condition module
  • Node Overlay: requires "administrative overlay" permission

Other contributors

- Daniel Nitsche: patch for XSS issue

Project information