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Simile Timeline


Time Map is a timesheet application with

  • a simple, non-intrusive and unburdened interface that can easily be used during the day
  • a visually rich reporting facility

Time Map supports personal and global categories. Entries and categories can be color coded and are reported via the Simile Timeline API interface. A similar facility offered by this module could be built with with CCK + Views + Timeline, and may be a better option for some environments. One of Time Map's goals, however, is to be a self-contained, turnkey application.

Other module Integration

Time Map will make use of Colorpicker if it finds it installed. Otherwise, the color input will degrade to a simple text box where hex values can be entered.


Future 1.2:

  • fixed: js error in loading the simile timeline in IE
  • fixed: load basepath into a <div> attribute for the js to parse and use to load the json correctly (if drupal is installed in a subdirectory off of the domain root)
  • todo: fix theming of global categories administration. categories should be organized inside of the table.
  • todo: fix errors on initial select if there are no events in the table
  • fixed: allow uid=1 to view the map.


  • offers hook_timemap_report() to allow other modules to provide reports.
  • provides sample reports that implement hook_timemap_report()
  • Integrates with CiviCRM to establish subordinate/superior relationships and a new permission to 'view subordinates reports'

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