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Timeline Map was built as a Views 2 style plug-in.
It is based on Timemap.js project, so Timemap.js (from has to be included in the module’s js directory.

It allows you to load one or more datasets onto both a map and a timeline simultaneously. Only items in the visible range of the timeline are displayed on the map. Timeline Map displays data represented in the timeline as markers on Google map.

This module is part of a package of modules being developed by Jefferson Institute. These modules are meant to serve as tools for data visualization:

  • VIDI - Vidi module serves as a guide to choose adequate visualizations from Timeline, Tagmap and GVS modules for specific data, i.e. wizard with visualizations preview.
  • Tagmap - Display a geo-coded tag cloud over Google Map. Taxonomy terms or imported external data can be displayed.
  • KML content type - Users can attach .kml files to a node (with upload module), which in turn is displayed through the Google Earth API. If a user attaches several .kml files it is possible to choose between them via a drop-down box.
  • Google Visualization API - It uses Google Visualization API to display different types of charts. Pie, Bar, Column, Gauge, GeoMap, IntensityMap, Area, MotionChart and Scatter plot are supported at the moment.
  • Importer - Imports data in the database, handles batch upload of .zip files and connection of those files to the appropriate data in the created table.

Required modules:

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