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A group of modules to allow for tracking employee's time and attendance. Allows for web and telephone based (DTMF) timeclock punches, as well as after the fact entry of times. Employees are Drupal users, timeclock punch entites relating to the user.

Under active development.
Demo Site: https://timeclock.townsendservices.com



  • Configure user permissions in Administration » People » Permissions:
  • Create at least one "Department" in Administration » Structure » Taxonomy » Department.
  • Create at least one "Client" in Administration » Structure » Entity types » Client » Client
  • Create at least one "Job" which references existing "Client" and "Department" in Administration » Structure » Entity types » Job » Job
  • Test clock in/out by supplying a Job ID in the Timeclock block while signed in as a user with the "Submit Timeclock Punches" permission.
Sub Module Description Requires Status
timeclock Handles base views, entities, requires features and eck. Receives clock in/out from web. GPS enabled for remote worker tracking
  • Timeclock ECK Entities (included sub_modules)
  • Timeclock Departments (included sub_modules)
  • Timeclock field base (included sub_modules)
  • User Pin (contrib)
  • Date API (contrib)
  • Date Views (contrib)
  • Views (contrib)
  • Chaos tools (contrib)
  • Computed Field (contrib)
  • Custom Formatters(contrib)
  • Date(contrib)
  • Entity Construction Kit (contrib)
  • Entity API (contrib)
  • Entity Reference (contrib)
  • Features (contrib)
  • Strongarm (contrib)
  • Field Permissions (contrib)
  • Views Aggregator Plus (contrib) - Will be removed in Beta releases
  • Views Data Export (contrib) - Will be removed in Beta releases
Completed - NO GPS yet
timeclock_telephone using the Twilio API for remote worker timeclock punches. Provides mechanism for verification of telephone timeclock punches, such as spoken name verification, caller-id verification timeclock Completed (English only)
Multilingual Voice API coming with a later release.
Biometric/Hardware Timeclock Receives remote punches from hardware timeclocks timeclock Not Started
Authorizations Manage the authorized number of hours a specfic employee, Job Code or Department can use in a given time period timeclock Completed
timeclock_payroll Generate payroll data for export to external payroll processor (ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks) - or generate reports for manual payroll processing. timeclock in-progress, Exports for ADP Payex working.
Billing Generate billing data for export to medical billing for Home Health Aids, generate billg data for export for invoicing. timeclock not started - Coming version 2.x
Supplemental Earnings Mileage tracking and other expense claims. Future version to be compatible with Google Maps API to calculate distances between addresses. timeclock Complete
Exceptions Automated detection of unusual activity. (First time employee worked in Job, Job over expected length, Employee/Job/Client Overlap. Overtime exceptions. timeclock Completed
Overtime Automatic calculation of overtime hours. Overtime module does calculations on cron runs. timeclock Completed
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