Uses the jQuery timeago plugin to create dynamically updating "time ago" dates. That is, the plugin turns static dates like "October 10, 2011" into "10 minutes ago" and updates the time ago every minute. This allows you to include "time ago" dates in cached content for most users while degrading gracefully for users with JavaScript disabled.

Before installing, download the plugin and put it in the module folder (so typically the file will exist at sites/all/modules/timeago/jquery.timeago.js). If the Libraries module (2.x) is installed, you can instead put the plugin in sites/all/libraries, which is preferred because it makes upgrading easier.


  • An option to turn node created times into timeago dates
  • An option to turn comment created/changed times into timeago dates
  • Tokens for node created time and comment created/changed times
  • A timeago date formatter option for use with dates anywhere
  • An API to turn any UNIX timestamp into a timeago date

Additionally the Statuses module integrates with Timeago.

Please see the README for information about translation.

There is a known issue when using one of the date formats that this module provides together with the Date module's "Date and time" formatting option: multiple dates will show up due to the way the Date module creates its dates.

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