This project is a suite of modules that will add time tracking features to any node or any nodes comments.

We originally developed this project for use with Open Atrium, but recently we have abstracted the Open Atrium aspects into Features and committed them to github. Currently we have two features that extend Time Tracker in Open Atrium:

We highly recommend using these features if you are implementing time tracker on your Open Atrium install.

NOTE: As of April 24, 2012, the Atrium Time Tracker module has been split into two separate projects on github: Atrium Time Tracker and Atrium Time Sheet. See the README.txt files for upgrade instructions.

Time Tracker Features

  • Track Time on Nodes and/or Comments
  • Track time using time intervals (start and end times) or durations (admin/settings/time_tracker)
  • Integrated Timer to track time as you go
  • Time estimating
  • User Time Sheets to display weekly logged time (user/%uid/time_sheet)
  • View for reporting on tracked time (time_tracker/reports)

Time Tracker Dependencies

NOTE: Time Tracker will actually work without views or views calc, you just won't be able to access the time tracker reports page

It's fair to note that there is a loose dependency to the Case Tracker module. Case Tracker dependency has been removed from Time Tracker. However, there is still some casetracker related features built into the module, they just won't be available if you don't have casetracker installed.


Check out the README file

Roadmap 1.0

Time tracker is now in Beta2 (as of May 31, 2012). Pretty much all of the features we want are in and working so it's really just down to some rigorous testing. Minor feature requests are still being accepted but the module is looking good for a full stable release soon.

Drupal 7

Update - Jun 9, 2012: The D7 version of Time Tracker is almost a complete re-write. It now takes advantage of the new entity API.

  • Activities and Time Entries are now both fieldable entities.
  • You can now track time on ANY entity
  • Timer is fully functional.
  • Estimate is fully functional.
  • Views integration is done.

Development sponsored by: Fuse Interactive

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