Theme Utils aims to be an ever increasing set of helpful utilities for themes and themers. Currently, Theme Utils has 4 utilities.

Block's title to class

Adds the block's title to the block's set of HTML classes (specifically to the block's $classes array variable). Useful when theming to quickly identify and target individual blocks. All blocks (custom, contrib & system) will have the additional class that this module creates added to the set of HTML class attributes.

Block's HTML ID to class

Similar to the above title to class, this adds the block's generated HTML ID to the block's set of HTML classes.

Active regions to body class

Adds the page's active regions to the body's set of HTML classes.

Display @media query

Displays the active @media query(s) in the browser window. Super helpful when building responsive sites.

Display viewport dimensions

Displays the viewport's dimensions in the browser window. Displays values in both px & em.


* Optional - required only for displaying @media queries

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