This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Theme Generator module aims to generate themes dynamically using plain HTML templates as the source of the themes, and to provide mechanisms to manage those themes and their updates programmatically.

This module is specifically designed for organizations who already have many existing websites, and need to simply port their existing templates to Drupal themes. They also need the ability to update those Drupal themes when the source templates change.

The Theme Generator module is sponsored by Lion Burger.

In its current state (6.x-1.x-dev), the module provides the following functionality:

  • Take a local or remote path of an HTML mockup
  • Automatically generate Drupal regions based on a replacement pattern (regex) in the HTML document
  • Take theme information settings, such as 'id', 'name', etc
  • Generate a new Drupal theme based on the above settings

A very high-level overview of proposed future functionality:

  • A management interface for the automatically generated themes
  • Provide automated functionality to re-build the generated themes should the source of the template have changed
  • Ingest external CSS and JS, and write to Drupal filesystem for caching
  • Provide some sort of intelligent URL re-writing to support templates using relative paths instead of absolute paths
  • Gauge interest in support for additional template engines

This module is in active development and is currently seeking:

  • Feature requests and thoughts on above proposed functionality
  • Interested co-maintainers for the project
  • Code quality assurance testers (even in its current development state)

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