This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module modifies the default "taxonomy_term" view provided by the Views module to provide multi-term node display functionality. The default "taxonomy_term" view returns all nodes tagged with ANY of the term ids in the URL.

With Drupal 7, this module restores the multi-term node display functionality removed from Drupal 7.

In Drupal 6, the 'taxonomy/term/%' path returned a listing of nodes tagged with ALL of the term ids in the URL (when the ids were separated by commas). In Drupal 7, this functionality was removed and attempts to view a multi-term display result in a display entitled "Page not found" with a message of "The requested page could not be found."

The (Taxonomy Filter) Multi-Term Views module restores this functionality by modifying the query executed by Views for this display. In addition, for Drupal 7, the module adds a database index that dramatically reduces the query execution time for this display.

This module can be used stand-alone (with Views of course) and in conjunction with the Taxonomy Filter project. The latter project includes a "Multi-Term Filter" module (tf_multi) which provides taxonomy filter menus when multiple term ids are present in the URL.

To restore the multi-term node display functionality, see the Configuration section of the README included with this module.

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