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Textimage adds text to image functionality using GD2 and Freetype, enabling users to create crisp images on the fly for use as theme objects, headings or limitless other possibilities.


  • Support for TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts.
  • Rotate text at any angle.
  • Automatic text wrapping when using maximum width.
  • Configurable opacity in text color.
  • Backgrounds:
    • Define a color or simply have a transparent background.
    • Use a pre-made image to integrate directly with your theme.
    • Use another Textimage preset to achieve a multi-layered image (see image above).
  • CCK and Views formatter integration:
  • Support for non-alphanumeric characters.


  • GD2
  • FreeType


  1. via theme_textimage_image():

    Use the theme_textimage_image() function at the theme/module level with the following format:
    theme('textimage_image', 'Preset', 'Text', array('Additional', 'Text'), 'extension', 'alt', 'title')

  2. via CCK/Views formatter:

    Select a Textimage preset in a text field display options.

  3. via URL:

    Create an image with the URL in following format:
    /[files directory]/textimage/[Preset](/Additional/Text)/[Text].[extension]

    Note: This method can only be used by users with the 'create textimages' permission. This is to prevent Anonymous users from creating random images.
    If you need dynamically created Textimages, it is strongly advised you use one of the methods detailed above.



  • Due to certain changes in the Textimage module, some of your presets may require alterations after updating.
  • Always run update.php on your Drupal site after updating Textimage.
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