This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Handles data, logic, and UI of templates(s) which are used by other modules. Templates are stored in the database, and are used for specific purposes, e.g. email, pdf.

Component module which provides service to other modules, don't install this unless another module requires it.

The template can be used for most purposes, and includes following information:

Type: Type of service for which this template is used - ties template to the module
using template.module.

Name: Name of the template

Markup: How the template will be used, e.g 'plain text', 'html', 'svg'.

Format: Input format being used. For instance PHP could be used as the input format to create a HTML or plain text template, allowing the template to include some logic.

Detailed API documentation for this component on the way, but for the moment, see enewsletter.module for example of how to use this.

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