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This module provides a Tell A Friend node type for creating multiple tell a friend pages on a site. It was originally developed for use on (which has now been taken down). I had looked at other sharing modules, but I wanted a module that offered some of the functionality available in online advocacy software like Convio or Kintera. There is a tellafriend module but it only offers one tellafriend page per site, and it was easier to write a new module than to try to modify and upgrade that module for this purpose.

Setting up a tell a friend page is as easy as setting up any other node. Submissions are tracked in a database table. i haven't written any reporting tools yet, so right now to get the email addresses of people who have used the page you have to go into the database and pull the data from the tellafriend_node_results table. The submissions are linked to the node id of the tell a friend page so if you are setting up a campaign you can track submissions per campaign.

I've integrated the address book import scripts from Plaxo ( into the module. You have the choice of enabling or disabling this feature.

A working, live example can be seen at


  • Reporting - some rudimentary results done ("results" tab)
  • Hook into CiviCRM (if installed) for tracking of submissions - worthwhile?
  • Generate a block for each Tell a Friend page - useful? You can use Views to accomplish this.

Development of this module was sponsored by Ecojustice ( and Harvey McKinnon Associates (

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