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Taxonomy Tree Select acts in node forms replacing the select boxes of taxonomy with checkboxes into simple and intuitive expansable trees.

Taxonomy Tree Select vs other taxonomy-interface modules

There's a lot of great modules to improve the taxonomy selection interface, like Content Taxonomy, Hierarchical Select and Tagging.

So why have one more? The main purpose of Taxonomy Tree Select is to provides the faster, simpler, and more intuitive way to select a term into an hierarchical structured vocabulary. No more.

Drupal 7

There are plans to port Taxonomy Tree Select to a Drupal 7 compatible version, but I don't have so much time to do it for now. If you want to help you can post patches on the Drupal 7 port issue.

If you don't want to wait, you can use the similar module Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget for Drupal 7.

The goals

That's the next goals to Taxonomy Tree Select one-member development team:

  • Have a depth control of the selection hierarchy, so site administrators can force the selection only of the deepest terms, or to automatically selects all parents terms.
  • Launch a Drupal 7.x compatible version.
  • Provide some hooks to let code-gurus make awesome things with Taxonomy Tree Select without loose their simplicity. 1.1 release introduces a new hook_taxonomy_tree_select_term_element_alter(), becoming one of the largest hooks ever (just losing for Khaaaaaaan, but it cheats!).


This module is developed and maintained by Danillo Nunes.

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