This module was designed to update the heading tag at the top of the taxonomy term page. The contents of this H1 (or sometimes H2) tag are *extremely* important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People interested in SEO may prefer to add more user-friendly, keyword-rich, and descriptive words to this heading element.

This is the only module that let's you control that title individually for every term. (You can also override the title generally by using a view or a pannel.) An additional "Taxonomy Term Page - heading" field wil appear on the taxonomy term edit form, allowing administrators to configure a specific heading for each term page.

The taxonomy title module also provides tokens which can be used in conjunction with the Page title and Meta tags modules.

The Page title module is designed to let you control the title tag in the HTML Header of your page. The Meta tags module allows you control over the title tag as well as your other meta tags.

Drupal 5:

Note: Taxonomy Title must be invoked from the theme, and requires a minor change to your template.php file (example included).

This module was written by Jen Lampton of Jeneration Web Development.

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