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Taxonomy Timer allows site administrators to schedule term removal from nodes.

It is sorta like the actions module, but not quite. Here's how it works:

  1. Administrator creates a vocabulary + terms
  2. Administrator creates default rules for term/type pairings (e.g. "For page nodes with term 5, after 3 days unpublish the node" or "For product nodes with term 3, after 3 days, remove term 5 and add term 7").
  3. Anyone with access creates nodes which receive the default rules
  4. Editing the nodes allows the user to reduce the time-until-action for nodes (but not increase...specs of the project I was paid to develop, but I suppose future versions might also allow increases with different hook_perm values for increases and decreases)
  5. hook_cron goes through and performs the prescribed actions

Missing Features

  • Right now there's only one email notification. We should allow for more of them (or for an arbitrary number to be created by the site administrator)
  • The email that we have is sent exactly 2 days prior to firing of the action. This should be configurable.

This module is a collaboration between Brian Miller and Mustardseed Media.

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