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Taxonomy Theme allows you to change the theme of a given node based on the taxonomy term or vocabulary.

Taxonomy Theme 6.x

Taxonomy Theme 5.x has not beeen ported to Drupal 6.x, as such. For Drupal 6.x ThemeKey offers a much better approach to switching themes using theme switching rules.

Taxonomy Theme 6.x now depends on ThemeKey UI (which is part of ThemeKey) and uses ThemeKey as a back-end to do all the magic. Taxonomy Theme, itself, now simply provides the front-end.

Taxonomy Theme 5.x

Taxonomy Theme 5.x for Drupal 5.x additionally allows theme selection based on node types and maps themes to Drupal paths or path aliases directly.

Taxonomy Theme 4.7.x

Taxonomy Theme 4.7.x isn't supported anymore. Sorry.

Feedback is welcome! We'd especially like to hear from long-time users of Taxonomy Theme.

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