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Taxonomy Quick Find Example

This module provides a set of blocks which show 'related' content based on a selected term. The block will pick a default term and provide a select box which, via the awesome powered of JQuery, will slide the old content up, AJAX the site for other nodes and finally slide down a new list of nodes.

These blocks are completely configurable can dynamically show other recent content from each category for the current node.


  • Funky AJAX basic reloading when switching between terms
  • Filtering the terms provided - You might only want to allow users to browse for other content by specific vocabularies
  • Configure each block to only show individual node types (eg, one block for page and a completely separate block for blogs)
  • Each node type on each block can also have its own limit (eg, you might want block A to have a limit of 3 pages, but block B might want 10 pages. This is useful if you want to configure one block for a sidebar and another block for a panel)

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