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It creates a single node of a configurable content type for each term in a specific vocabulary.

In this way you can extend the term to hold any other information that a node (cck preferably) can hold. It's an useful module to create different category listings using views. This module prevent you to edit or delete the created node, handles updates and deletion of terms.

It also handles hierarchy by automatically assigning the vocabulary to the set content type and maintaining the hierarchy on the node as well.

It has some similarities to the Node Auto Term [NAT] module but by working two ways. The only thing this module does not support in comparison to NAT is to map node creation with term creation. This module can, as per its default, to map node operations with terms, meaning that if you delete the node, the term is also deleted as well.

Upgrade Notes for Drupal 5.x

Since version 5.x-1.4, the module name has changed because of #325918: Module name causes function in taxonomy.module to be incorrectly run on cron. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 5.x-1.4 to a version higher to 5.x-1.4, please download and install version 5.x-1.4 first and then the latest version because version 5.x-1.4 has the proper upgrade code to migrate all data from previous module name. The upgrade code will be removed for future versions just in case a taxonomy_node module appears again along the way.

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