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What is the Taxonomy Term Import/Delete/Export module?

This module gives you quick access to import, delete and export large numbers of taxonomy terms through either a form on your site or through drush commands. By using a csv file you can bulk move terms with their hierarchy into and out of a taxonomy with ease.

How to use the Taxonomy Term Import/Delete/Export module?

Once installed you can navigate to /taxonomy/ide_form to use the form for import, export or deletion of terms.

You will need a specially formatted csv in order for import to work. The file should begin with a header column named 'name'. Each new term will get it's own line and can include it's parents. If the parent term isn't in the taxonomy yet this module will create it for you. An example of the file format would be:

term 1
term 2
term 3 ---> term 4
term 3 ---> term 4 ---> term 5
term 3 ---> term 6
term 7

This format would output 7 new terms to the vocabulary.

Using drush for import/export/deletion

To import using drush:
drush taxi --taxonomy="YOUR_TAXONOMY_NAME" < ~/Desktop/YOUR_FILE.csv

To export using drush:
drush taxe --taxonomy="YOUR_TAXONOMY_NAME"

To delete using drush;
drush taxd --taxonomy="YOUR_TAXONOMY_NAME"

you can also add the --delimiter="whatever you delimiter is" flag if you would like to use a delimiter other than " ---> " for importing/exporting

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