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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Mediacurrent is one of the largest, most reputable Drupal agencies in the world. Our team has led major national brands like The Weather Channel, Manhattan Associates, NASCAR, and the NBA to adopt Drupal. The quality of our work has allowed for organizations like these to save significant money over time. A single source partner for Drupal development, design, digital strategy, training and support, Mediacurrent helps organizations that:

  • Place a high emphasis on their Drupal web properties and need dedicated, retainer based support.
  • Are evaluating or plan on migrating to Drupal and need support developing an open-source based web strategy.
  • May have an existing team, but want to collaborate with industry experts on best practices to help meet business objectives.
  • Seek a predictable outcome and desire a long-term partnership from an agency with a successful track record of helping some of the most name recognizable brands in the world

Mediacurrent is an Enterprise and Authorized Training Partner of Acquia.

The Mediacurrent Team

We are home to an elite team of web specialists who are recognized thought leaders in their profession. For individual profiles of Mediacurrent staff and code contributions, please visit our Team Page.

Drupal contributions

Ranked among the top 10 most active Drupal contributors, Mediacurrent strongly believes in open-source principles, collaboration, and sharing knowledge to strengthen the Drupal community.

  • The Mediacurrent blog and Resource Center account for 500+ blog posts and content assets dedicated to helping you digest the latest Drupal developments and Digital Strategy best practices.
  • Our team has led 200+ Industry Presentations.
  • Mediacurrent has sponsored hundreds of industry events. With our headquarters in Metro Atlanta, we have led and supported numerous events including the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG), Drupalcamp Atlanta, and the inaugural Atlanta Drupal Business Summit.
  • The Mediacurrent team also leads and organizes numerous local Drupalcamps and Drupal User Groups throughout the country, from Asheville, NC to Albuquerque, NM. Currently, two of our team members hold the position of track chair for DrupalCon New Orleans 2016.
  • We host the biweekly Drupal dropcast and the Friday 5 video series.
  • Have written 30 detailed case studies and submitted the lessons learned back to the community
  • Drupal Association Organization Members since 2008
  • Mediacurrent maintains 80+ Drupal modules including: Advanced Forum, Antispam, Author Pane, Bean, CacheTags, Classy Panel Styles, Code Per Node, Commerce Auto-Checkout, Commerce Cart Empty, Commerce Coupon, Eloqua, Entity Image Style, EntityCache Flusher, Field Redirection, Fieldable Panels Panes, Flowplayer, GoogleNews, HitTail, Hubspot, Imagecache Token, Infusionsoft API, Instagram Social Feed, jPlayer, Language Groups, Maillog, Metatag, MP3Player, OpenAdStream, Panelizer, Panels Content Cache, Panels Everywhere, Panels Hash Cache, Panels Why So Slow?, Pardot, ShowMeYourEmail, Silverpop, Smart Breadcrumb, Smart Trim, Third Party Wrappers, Tumblr API, Twitter, Video filter, Wysifield, Wysikit, and XMLSitemap.

Projects supported

Preferred Language Prompt, Webform Same Values, One-Time-Login Logout, Route Iframes, Taxonomy Term I/D/E, Taxonomy Term Import/Delete/Export, Autocomplete Deluxe 8, Autotagger, JSONAPI Flysystem Uploader, Custom Cache Tags, Lingotek Files, Eco Rebates, Maintenance Mode Redirect, Salsify Integration, Security Examples, YAML Content, Quill, COD Nearby, Twig Pre-Render, Editorial Blocks, Entity Data Attach, Panels Empty Pane access plugin, GeoIP Javascript Redirect, Decoupled Blocks, Language Groups, Localized Page Manager Paths, Commerce Checkout Product List, Commerce Auto-Checkout, Entity reference view formatter, Entity reference modal select, IATS Aura Field Formatter, Presentation Framework, Panels Theme Override, Environment Manager, Alternative Login Page, Set Front Page, Drafty, Media: Associated Press, Wysifield, Global Field, Twitter Pane, Social Media Aggregator, Field API Tab Editor (FATE), Salsify, AdvAgg Search & Replace, Broadstreet Ads, Wysikit, Classy Panel Styles, AdvertServe Ads, Silverpop Engage, Content Profile Converter (CP2P2), EXIF Custom, Panels, Why so slow?, Panels Content Cache, Guardr Core, Guardr, References Manager, Friendly Register, Imagecache Token, Fieldable Panels Panes (FPP), Panels Hash Cache, Field API Pane Editor (FAPE), Crazy Egg Integration, Remy Sharp's HTML5 Shim, Field Redirection, HubSpot, Bean, Pardot Integration, Panelizer, Code per Node, Semiclean, Autocomplete Deluxe, Eloqua, Menu Minipanels, AGLS Metadata, Maillog / Mail Developer, Third Party Wrappers, Panels Everywhere, Open AdStream, Metatag, Domain Meta Tags, Google News sitemap, Author Pane, Phonetic Word Filter, Video Filter, Advanced Forum, Backup and Migrate, Content Taxonomy, Twitter, Password Policy, Date, Page Title, Views, Nodewords: D6 Meta Tags

Credited on 135 issues fixed in the past 3 months