This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows to setup a list of vocabularies whose terms will not be listed during node view.

Optionally, when a node is displayed, this module can also group its list of terms by vocabulary, rather than just listing the terms in the plain alphabetical order normally provided by Drupal.


Node is assigned to 6 taxonomy terms of 3 vocabularies.

  • 1st vocabulary terms (weight = 3): BOOK
  • 2nd (weight = 1): EN,ES,FR,RU
  • 3rd (weight = 2): DONE

Terms will be listed by plain alphabetical order: BOOK, EN, ES, DONE, FR, RU. When grouping is enabled then terms will be grouped: EN, ES, FR, RU, DONE, BOOK


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New features in Drupal 7 supersede this module. See #1083606: Drupal 7 Port for details.

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