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The taxonomy_breadcrumb module generates taxonomy based breadcrumbs on node pages and taxonomy/term pages. This module fixes the common complaint of having "Home" be the only breadcrumb on node pages. The breadcrumb trail takes on the form:

    [HOME] >> [VOCABULARY] >> TERM >> [TERM] ...

Simply install the module and taxonomy based breadcrumbs will appear on node pages and taxonomy/term pages. For the most common applications this module will work "out of the box" and no further configuration is necessary. If customization is desired settings can be changed on an administration page.

  • The HOME breadcrumb (if present) links to the homepage. The text displayed for HOME is administrator configurable. If the HOME breadcrumb is not defined by the administrator, it will not appear in the breadcrumb trail.
  • The VOCABULARY breadcrumb (if present) will link to an administrator defined page. If the VOCABULARY does not have an administrator defined page, it will not appear in the breadcrumb trail.
  • Each TERM breadcrumb will link to either (1) taxonomy/term/tid by default, or (2) an administrator defined page if one is defined for the term.
  • These administrator defined "breadcrumb links" for VOCABULARIES and TERMS are controlled from the add/edit vocabulary and add/edit term administrator pages.


  • home >> term >> term
  • mysite >> term >> term
  • home >> vocabulary >> term >> term
  • vocabulary >> term >> term

Taxonomy Breadcrumb has a new maintainer, and after close to a year of on-and-off development and testing, the 6.x-1.0 release is as ready as its going to get! If you have been working from the 0.1-beta version (or one of the tar files on the issue queue), please update to the latest release and report problems and feature requests.

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