Taxonomy Block

Do not use version 7.x-1.3!! You will get a white screen of death. Either use 7.x-1.2 or the current dev. If you've already installed 7.x-1.3, delete the module and replace it with a working version.
If you use the dev, please let me know how it's working at #1631846: Server 500 Error while enabling the module. I would like to put out a recommended release, but as the new maintainer, I'm not thoroughly familiar with the code and functionality. So feedback of the dev from those who have been using the module is greatly appreciated.

This module displays a list of taxonomy terms in a block from a single vocabulary.

Version 5.x

  1. Count how many nodes per term
  2. You can create as many blocks as you like

Version 6.x

  1. Support multi languages (i18n) module! Compatible with Language Switcher
  2. Count how many nodes per term
  3. Currently only support 1 block

Version 7.x

Thanks yuriy.babenko for joining.
User e-anima joined for maintainance. Motivation/sponsoring behind is his private page about textures


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